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Radiology – Medical Imaging

The radiology department of the Institut Jules Bordet  brings together the various medical imaging techniques, except for nuclear medicine.

The techniques concerned are:

  • conventional radiology (radiography including mammography and bone densitometry),
  • tomodensitometry (X-ray scanning), 
  • ultrasound (ultrasound imaging),
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Although some interventional radiology techniques can have a therapeutic aim, the activities of the radiology department are mainly diagnostic. Our main tasks are:

  • the diagnostic identification of tumours, their extent and their complications,
  • the preparation of their treatment (in particular targeting the area to be irradiated),
  • monitoring the lesions under treatment.

These main tasks are performed in the context of a multidisciplinary collaboration. The radiology department therefore works closely with the nuclear medicine, medical, surgical and radiotherapy departments of the Institut Jules Bordet.

Research projects


Project 1

Development of a radiomics-based decision-making supporting tool for the management of pancreatic cancer patients
  • Project leader : Maria Antonietta Bali
  • Collaborations : Department of Gastroenterology Hopital Erasme, Department of Precision Medicine, Maastricht University

Project 2

Determination of a simplified prostatic MRI protocol as part of the initial detection of prostate cancer before biopsy with a view to targeted removal.

Project 3

Automated analysis methods of functional parameters (diffusion and tumoral vascularisation) in MRI as part of the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer lesions.
  • Project leader : Shih-Li Chao, Ig.
  • Collaboration : Erasmus University Hospitals, Magnetic Resonance Unit


Project 4

Advantages of whole-body MRI for the detection of metastatic lesions of the skeleton.
  • Project leader : Jean Alexiou



 Scientific publications

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