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The PUFF, a new scourge in the fight against smoking

Press release (31/05/2024) 

The PUFF, a new scourge in the fight against smoking

On the occasion of World No-Tobacco Day, Martial Bodo, tobacco addiction specialist at the Jules Bordet Institute, warns young people against using puffs.

31 May 2024 – The puff, or disposable electronic cigarette, first appeared on the Belgian market several years ago. This new trend in smoking is strongly condemned by healthcare professionals as it is seen to encourage young people to take up smoking. With a sweet taste, coloured packaging, an accessible price and a fun presence on the social networks, puffs generally have a positive image among young people.

A gateway to nicotine dependency
Although they may seem harmless enough, puffs in reality pose more of a problem than one may think. Starting to smoke puffs can be the first step to taking up smoking. The risk of dependency is very high, firstly in terms of the smoking gesture but also in regard to the nicotine itself. In addition to its addictive power, nicotine can also have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Puffs can contain as much as 20mg/l of nicotine, which is more than a cigarette. “The risk for young people is to become addicted to nicotine and to then switch to traditional smoking. The electronic cigarette can be an alternative to tobacco but only for smokers as for all non-smokers it is a genuine Trojan Horse,” explains Martial Bodo.

A ban on puffs in Belgium
A lot of cancers are linked to active or passive smoking. Smoking is one of the principal avoidable causes of illness and death. “It is important for smokers to stop smoking all kinds of tobacco products but above all for non-smokers not to start smoking,” stresses Martial Bodo. Belgium has adopted a pioneering position in this combat. Health Minister Frank VandenBrouck has taken a number of drastic measures such as the ban on selling disposable electronic cigarettes after 1 January 2025. This puff ban is one more step towards a non-smoking generation.

A team of professionals fully dedicated to accompanying smokers at the Jules Bordet Institute.
It is never too late to stop smoking and to free oneself from nicotine dependency. As a Centre of Excellence against Cancer, the Jules Border Institute combats smoking. A team of tobacco addiction specialists accompanies and supports those who want to take the initiative to stop smoking. Consultations can be at the Institute or at one of our partner centres located close to your home. There is no need to be a patient at the hospital to benefit from this service that is open to all and fully reimbursed by your mutual insurance for the first 8 consultations. Individual and group consultations are available and in English, French or Dutch.
Do you want to stop smoking? Evaluate your consumption? Meet a tobacco addiction expert? Then contact one of the Help Centres for Smokers at the Brussels University Hospital.

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