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 Scientific publications

A Rare Case of Hepatic Vanishing Bile Duct Syndrome Occurring after Combination Therapy with Nivolumab and Cabozantinib in a Patient with Renal Carcinoma.

Authors : Gourari K, Catherine J, Garaud S, Kerger J, Lepida A, Georgala A, Lebrun F, Gomez Galdon M, Gil T, Willard-Gallo K, Langouo Fontsa M
Year : 2022
Journal : Diagnostics (Basel)
Volume : 12

<sup>68</sup>Ga-PSMA PET/CT for response assessment and outcome prediction in metastatic prostate cancer patients treated with taxane-based chemotherapy.

Authors : Shagera QA, Artigas C, Karfis I, Critchi G, Martinez Chanza N, Sideris S, Peltier A, Paesmans M, Gil T, Flamen P
Year : 2021
Journal : J Nucl Med

Oligometastatic Disease Detection with <sup>68</sup>Ga-PSMA-11 PET/CT in Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer Patients (HSPC) with Biochemical Recurrence after Radical Prostatectomy: Predictive Factors and Clinical Impact.

Authors : Artigas C, Diamand R, Shagera QA, Plouznikoff N, Fokoue F, Otte FX, Gil T, Peltier A, Van Gestel D, Flamen P
Year : 2021
Journal : Cancers (Basel)
Volume : 13

Avelumab as neoadjuvant therapy in patients with urothelial non-metastatic muscle invasive bladder cancer: a multicenter, randomized, non-comparative, phase II study (Oncodistinct 004 - AURA trial).

Authors : Martinez Chanza N, Soukane L, Barthelemy P, Carnot A, Gil T, Casert V, Vanhaudenarde V, Sautois B, Staudacher L, Van Den Brande J, Culine S, Seront E, Gizzi M, Albisinni S, Tricard T, Fantoni JC, Paesmans M, Caparica R, Roumeguere T, Awada A
Year : 2021
Journal : BMC Cancer
Volume : 21
Pages : 1292

Prevalence and clinical impact of tumor BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in patients presenting with localized or metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.

Authors : Martinez Chanza N, Bernard B, Barthelemy P, Accarain A, Paesmans M, Desmyter L, Tkint de Roodenbeke D, Gil T, Sideris S, Roumeguere T, Hamid AA, Sweeney CJ
Year : 2021
Journal : Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis

Prostate Cancer and Reactive Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis.

Authors : Dumont L, Salaroli A, Dal Lago L, Gil T, Pepersack T
Year : 2021
Journal : Eur J Case Rep Intern Med
Volume : 8
Pages : 002425

An update on the management of metastatic clear-cell renal cell carcinoma: the BSMO Expert panel recommendations

Authors : Delafontaine B, De Backer D, Beuselinck B, Debruyne P, DHondt L, Gennigens C, Gil T, Vulsteke C, Martinez Chanza N, Verbiest A, Strijbos M, Van Lancker G, Pelgrims G, Rottey S
Year : 2020
Journal : Belgian J Medical Oncology
Volume : 14(2)
Pages : 56–70