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The Jules Bordet Institute is moving!

How to get to the new Institute?

From 28 November 2021, the Jules Bordet Institute is moving to the Erasmus campus in Anderlecht. From this date all the Institute's activities will take place at Rue Meylemeersh n°90, 1070 Anderlecht.

  • Adress
    Rue Meylemeersch n°90  - 1070 Anderlecht
  • Telephone
    +32 (0)2 541 31 11

Underground, Bus STIB, BUS DeLijn

  • Underground: Line 5 to «Erasme» + a 10-min walk
  • Bus STIB: Line 74 to «Erasme» + a 10-min walk  
  • Bus De Lijn:
    • Line 620 to «Erasme» + a 10-min walk
    • Line 141 either to «Erasme» or to «Multipharma» + a 10-min walk
    • Line 142 either to "Yzerkruis" + a 5-min walk or to «Erasmus» + a 10-min walk


Train S3 (Zottegem - Bruxelles – Termonde) connects Midi Station to Anderlecht Station.
From Anderlecht Station take underground line 5 from « Ceria » (about a two-minute walk from the station), getting off at « Erasme ».
Then walk 10 minutes to reach the new Institute. 

To plan your train journeys, consult the SNCB website:

Car and parking

Located close to the ring road, the Institute is also accessible by car. On the Brussels ring road take exit n°15a LENNIK

  • From Namur:  Via E42 - Join E19 - Exit 15a Lennik 
  • From Liège:  Via E25 – Join E40 – E19 - Exit 15a Lennik
  • From Mons: Via E42 - Join E19 - Exit 15a Lennik
  • From Antwerp: Via A12 – Join E19 - Exit Lennik
  • From Ghent: Via E40 - Join E19 - Exit Lennik

There is a car park next to the Institute for patients and visitors 


A cycle path runs behind the Institute that enables you to travel to the hospital by bike: see the map to plan your route. 

There is also a VILLO docking station close to the Institute: Erasme n°347

Google Map


Moving dates

All services (consultations, samples, new hospitalisations,...) will welcome you on the new site (90, rue Meylemeersch 1070 Anderlecht) from November 28th.


  • The prevention and screening service will welcome you at the new site from 22 November 
  • The nuclear medicine department will welcome you at the new site from 23 November.
  • The radiology service will carry out examinations at the two sites between the 22 and 27 November (evening).
  • The radiotherapy service will move later. If you are due to receive radiotherapy treatment between 28 November and 10 January 2022 you will receive specific information about where to go for your appointment.
  • Hospitalised patients will be transferred to the new Jules Bordet Institute on Saturday 27 November.
  • EMERGENCIES: for all emergencies relating to your illness or treatment, the Emergency Room at the old building (Institut Jules Bordet “Porte de Hal” site) will be open until 27 November at 8.30 am. From 27 November at 8.30 a.m., they will be open at the new Jules Bordet Institute (Anderlecht site).

Questions and answers

The move to the Anderlecht site  

The new Jules Bordet Institute has been designed to make life easy for visitors, thanks to a very clear system of reception, direction indicators and pathways. At the new Institute’s entrance our staff at central reception will be pleased to direct you and accompany you in your first steps in the building.