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Cell therapy unit (Hematology)

The hematological cell therapy unit (U.T.C.H.) is a platform dedicated to translating new cell therapies into reliable and effective treatment that increases the survival rate of cancer patients as a result of innovative approaches. The unit's functioning is closely integrated with that of the apheresis unit upstream and the clinical transplantation service downstream. It also cooperates with the translational research units in developing new cellular products for clinical usage. We provide the Institute as a whole with the expertise that is essential for implementing and developing cellular immunotherapy. 

The cell therapy platform is a unit that complies with GMP standards for the collecting, processing (including selection, expansion, freezing, etc. of cells), control, storage and delivery of several cell types, including hematopoietic stem cells,  mesenchymal cells, lymphocytes and dendritic cells. It has three banks with FAMHP   (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products) accreditation: the hematopoietic stem cell bank, the  therapeutic cell bank, accredited since 2009, under the inspection programme  (Joint Accreditation Committee of the ISCT and EBMT or JACIE), and the ULB's umbilical cord blood bank, accredited by the US agency FACT ((Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy). Our accreditations certify work that complies with high quality standards and enable us to continuously improve quality within the various teams involved in carrying out hematopoietic transplants and in cellular therapy in general. 

Our expertise has also enabled us to develop close cooperation with small biotech companies active in developing innovative therapies. We provide them with the opportunity to benefit from professional services ranging from access to an accredited cell therapy unit when carrying out their clinical trials to the services of consultants when optimising new products. 

Given the dramatic growth of immunotherapy the Institute has also decided to invest in a huge unit complying with GMP standards in its new buildings at the New Bordet. This new unit should enable us to meet the challenge of new cellular immunotherapies and to meet the needs both of the Institute and of its potential academic and private collaborators. 

Research projects


Project 1

CAR-T cell therapy implementation

Project 2


Our team

Head of the Department of Hematology
Pr Nathalie Meuleman

Director of the Cell Therapy Unit and Banks Manager
Pr Philippe Lewalle

Scientific Director of the Cell Therapy UnitRedouane Rouas

Cell Therapy Unit Qualitician
Aurélie Timmermans
- Sfia Bourdji

Technicians at the Cell Therapy Unit
- Marie-José Concepcion Caballero
- Christine Dorval
- Pierrick Luystermans
- Triantafillia Stamopulos
- Sarah Cela

- Vanessa Vanpevenage


 Scientific publications

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