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Billing for appointments not cancelled and not kept

News (30/12/2022)

Billing for appointments not cancelled and not kept

You can cancel at no cost until 24 hours before the time of your scheduled appointment. 

Appointments that are not cancelled in time constitute a very important burden for the Jules Bordet Institute. Financially first of all but also in terms of time that is wasted and opportunities that are lost for you, the patient:  If all the appointments not kept were cancelled in time the waiting time for new appointments would be reduced. 

Automatic billing
For all these reasons, we are obliged in future to automatically charge a compensation of 25 euros for any consultation for which patients fail to attend without cancelling or that are cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment. 

We remind you that you have several options for cancelling an appointment: 

If you want to cancel an appointment less than 24 hours in advance, call the department where you have your appointment as soon as you can.