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Respect and protect one other!


Respect and protect one other.

We understand that you want to visit a loved one who is in hospital or to accompany them to an appointment to offer support. If we are refusing access this is to protect your loved one as well as all other patients and staff. 

All members of the Jules Bordet Institute and the care staff in particular need support, understanding and goodwill during this period of crisis. 

At all times and in all circumstances, and despite the stress that the COVID-19 pandemic and the rules imposed can generate, we ask you to remain courteous and to show respect for others. 

We ask you to respect at all times the rules in force which the staff at reception will make clear to you. Failure to respect them poses a real danger to both patients and staff at the Institute. 

We are there to assist you and and the rules that have been put in place are there to guarantee but also the safety of all patients and staff.

Respect and protect one another.

Do you have any questions about the organisation of activities at the Jules Bordet Institute during Covid-19? More info on our dedicated page.