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Reactive stroma and trastuzumab resistance in HER2-positive early breast cancer.

Authors : Sonnenblick A, Salmon-Divon M, Salgado R, Dvash E, Pondé N, Zahavi T, Salmon A, Loibl S, Denkert C, Joensuu H, Ameye L, Van den Eynden G, Kellokumpu-Lehtinen PL, Azaria A, Loi S, Michiels S, Richard F, Sotiriou C
Year : 2020
Journal : Int J Cancer

Trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1)-associated cardiotoxicity: Pooled analysis in advanced HER2-positive breast cancer.

Authors : Pondé N, Amaye L, Lambertini M, Paesmans M, Piccart M, de Azambuja E
Year : 2020
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 126
Pages : 65-73

Palbociclib safety and efficacy beyond Ribociclib-induced liver toxicity in metastatic hormone-receptors positive breast cancer patient.

Authors : Farhat F, Tarabaih M, Kanj A, Aoun M, Kattan J, Assi T, Awada A
Year : 2020
Journal : Anticancer Drugs
Volume : 31
Pages : 85-89

Progress in adjuvant systemic therapy for breast cancer.

Authors : Pondé NF, Zardavas D, Piccart-Gebhart M
Year : 2019
Journal : Nat Rev Clin Oncol
Volume : 16
Pages : 27-44

Weekly carboplatin plus neoadjuvant anthracycline-taxane-based regimen in early triple-negative breast cancer: a prospective phase II trial by the Breast Cancer Task Force of the Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO).

Authors : Fontaine C, Renard V, Van den Bulk H, Vuylsteke P, Glorieux P, Dopchie C, Decoster L, Vanacker L, de Azambuja E, De Greve J, Awada A, Wildiers H
Year : 2019
Journal : Breast Cancer Res Treat
Volume : 176
Pages : 607-615

CDK4/6 inhibition in low burden and extensive metastatic breast cancer: summary of an <i>ESMO Open-Cancer Horizons</i> pro and con discussion.

Authors : Awada A, Gligorov J, Jerusalem G, Preusser M, Singer C, Zielinski C
Year : 2019
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 4
Pages : e000565

Autoimmunity and Benefit from Trastuzumab Treatment in Breast Cancer: Results from the HERA Trial.

Authors : Sonnenblick A, Bailey A, Uziely B, Untch M, Smith I, Gianni L, Baselga J, Jackisch C, Cameron D, Bell R, Zardavas D, Al-Sakaff N, Gelber Rd, Dowsett M, Leyland-Jones B, Piccart-Gebhart M, de Azambuja E
Year : 2019
Journal : Anticancer Res
Volume : 39
Pages : 797-802

Personalised radioembolization improves outcomes in refractory intra-hepatic cholangiocarcinoma: a multicenter study.

Authors : Levillain H, Duran Derijckere I, Ameye L, Guiot T, Braat A, Meyer C, Vanderlinden B, Reynaert N, Hendlisz A, Lam M, Deroose CM, Ahmadzadehfar H, Flamen P
Year : 2019
Journal : Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging
Volume : 46
Pages : 2270-2279

Recent advances in understanding breast cancer and emerging therapies with a focus on luminal and triple-negative breast cancer.

Authors : El Hachem G, Gombos A, Awada A
Year : 2019
Journal : F1000Res
Volume : 8

Reference values for the EORTC QLQ-C30 in early and metastatic breast cancer.

Authors : Mierzynska J, Taye M, Pe M, Coens C, Martinelli F, Pogoda K, Velikova G, Bjelic-Radisic V, Cardoso F, Brain E, Ignatiadis M, Piccart M, Van Tienhoven G, Mansel R, Wildiers H, Bottomley A
Year : 2019
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 125
Pages : 69-82

Disease-free survival as a surrogate for overall survival in patients with HER2-positive, early breast cancer in trials of adjuvant trastuzumab for up to 1 year: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Authors : Saad ED, Squifflet P, Burzykowski T, Quinaux E, Delaloge S, Mavroudis D, Perez E, Piccart-Gebhart M, Schneider BP, Slamon D, Wolmark N, Buyse M
Year : 2019
Journal : Lancet Oncol
Volume : 20
Pages : 361-370

The Benefit of Reactivating p53 under MAPK Inhibition on the Efficacy of Radiotherapy in Melanoma.

Authors : Krayem M, Sabbah M, Najem A, Wouters A, Lardon F, Simon S, Sales F, Journe F, Awada A, Ghanem GE, Van Gestel D
Year : 2019
Journal : Cancers (Basel)
Volume : 11

Denosumab in early-stage breast cancer.

Authors : Brandão M, Debiasi M, de Azambuja E
Year : 2019
Journal : Lancet Oncol
Volume : 20
Pages : e234-e235

Biomarkers of response and resistance to PI3K inhibitors in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer patients and combination therapies involving PI3K inhibitors.

Authors : Brandão M, Caparica R, Eiger D, de Azambuja E
Year : 2019
Journal : Ann Oncol
Volume : 30
Pages : x27-x42

Comparative Assessment of Clinical Benefit Using the ESMO-Magnitude of Clinical Benefit Scale Version 1.1 and the ASCO Value Framework Net Health Benefit Score.

Authors : Cherny NI, de Vries EGE, Dafni U, Garrett-Mayer E, McKernin SE, Piccart-Gebhart M, Latino NJ, Douillard JY, Schnipper LE, Somerfield MR, Bogaerts J, Karlis D, Zygoura P, Vervita K, Pentheroudakis G, Tabernero J, Zielinski C, Wollins DS, Schilsky RL
Year : 2019
Journal : J Clin Oncol
Volume : 37
Pages : 336-349

Estimating the benefits of therapy for early-stage breast cancer: the St. Gallen International Consensus Guidelines for the primary therapy of early breast cancer 2019.

Authors : Burstein HJ, Curigliano G, Loibl S, Dubsky P, Gnant M, Poortmans P, Colleoni M, Denkert C, Piccart-Gebhart M, Regan M, Senn HJ, Winer EP, Thurlimann B
Year : 2019
Journal : Ann Oncol
Volume : 30
Pages : 1541-1557

Promising Immuno-Oncology Treatments Beyond the 2018 Nobel Prize.

Authors : Castelo-Branco L, Silva IP, Canhão H, Awada A
Year : 2019
Journal : Acta Med Port
Volume : 32
Pages : 251-257

Systemic treatment of patients with early breast cancer: recent updates and state of the art.

Authors : Caparica R, Brandão M, Piccart-Gebhart M
Year : 2019
Journal : Breast
Volume : 48 Suppl 1
Pages : S7-S20

Genomic alterations in breast cancer: level of evidence for actionability according to ESMO Scale for Clinical Actionability of molecular Targets (ESCAT).

Authors : Condorelli R, Mosele F, Verret B, Bachelot T, Bedard PL, Cortes J, Hyman DM, Juric D, Krop I, Bieche I, Saura C, Sotiriou C, Cardoso F, Loibl S, Andre F, Turner NC
Year : 2019
Journal : Ann Oncol
Volume : 30
Pages : 365-373

Adenosine A2a receptor promotes lymphangiogenesis and lymph node metastasis.

Authors : Allard B, Cousineau I, Allard D, Buisseret L, Pommey S, Chrobak P, Stagg J
Year : 2019
Journal : Oncoimmunology
Volume : 8
Pages : 1601481