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Dietetics department

The role of the Dietetics Department is to ensure that the patient remains in good nutritional condition throughout the course of treatment by ensuring an optimal diet in terms of quality and quantity. 

Our aim is also to increase patient awareness to avoid any involuntary weight loss (or in some cases weight gain) and to avoid restrictive or non-validated diets.

A nutritional assessment is made at the time of the disease diagnosis at the request of the oncologist or coordinating nurse. The patient is then monitored during treatment, whether as an out-patient or hospitalised patient.

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The team

The dietetics team consists of 7 dietitians. They work together closely with the nutrition nurses who educate the patient for a return home with medicalised nutrition. The department also works with a doctor specialised in nutrition and a pharmacist to guarantee a more specific nutrition care that takes into account the patient's treatment project. 

The Dietetics Department organises monthly meetings with members of the Nutrition Team. These meetings bring together surgeons, radiotherapists, onco-geriatricians, anaesthetists, haematologists, nurses and pharmacists with the aim of stimulating the interest of doctors, carers and paramedical staff in an early diagnosis of the nutritional condition and personalised nutrition care that is adapted to the global treatment plan. 

  • Dietetics Department:
    • Pr. Van Gossum AndréGastroenterologist responsible for the nutrition team in collaboration with Pr Arvanitakis Marianna & Dr Hadefi Alia
    • Blancke Charline -  Dietitian
    • Csergö Marika – Dietitian
    • De Bruyne Zoé -  Dietitian
    • Delattre Thomas – Dietitian
    • De Reu Cassy – Dietitian
    • Knight Coralie – Dietitian
    • Leroo Noémie – Assistant Managing Dietitian
    • Farine Sylvie – Director HUB of the dietary service
  • Nutrition nurses :
    • Sarr Faty  in collaboration with Ballarin Asuncion

  • Pharmacy
    • Bodar Adeline – Head pharmacist parenteral nutrition
  • Secretary
    • Tel : 02/541.38.81