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Oncodistinct, a multidisciplinary clinical research network

Press release (23/05/2018)

Oncodistinct, a multidisciplinary clinical research network that meets patients' needs

Brussels, 23 May 2018 – Cancer research is advancing by leaps and bounds with fast changing developments in cancer treatment. To respond to these changes, clinical research in cancerology must also change. Today there is a real need for new structures that facilitate the pooling of expertise and resources to better meet patients' needs and accelerate the development of new medicines in the fight against cancer. Oncodistinct, a multidisciplinary clinical research network set up by Professor Awada - Head of Medicine and the Medical Oncology Unit at the Jules Bordet Institute - with a team of Belgian and international colleagues, was founded with this aim in mind.
A network of 27 cancer centres and university hospitals, Oncodistinct will be holding its bi-annual meeting on 24 May at the Paoli Calmettes Institute in Marseille.

Oncodistinct teamOncodistinct is a multidisciplinary clinical research network set up in November 2015. Its objective is to adapt clinical trial methodology to recent innovations in treatment and accelerate the development of anti-cancer drugs for solid tumours, in particular in situations for which no standard treatment currently exists. As such, the network is seeking to respond to unmet medical needs, especially in the field of brain metastases and rare tumours.

The network today has 27 members in all (11 cancer centres and 16 university hospitals) that pool their expertise in oncology and the development of anti-cancer medicines. Members of the Oncodistinct network meet twice yearly to jointly initiate innovative multicentre trials with the aim of improving treatment for cancer patients. The pooling of scientific expertise (oncologists and organ specialists, researchers) improves the quality of the trials, cooperation between the centres and the speed of project realisation. Oncodistinct is also committed to working in partnership with patients to better meet their needs.

The next meeting of the Oncodistinct network will be on 24 May at the Paoli-Calmettes Institute in Marseille.