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A new treatment option for patients with haematological cancers

News (09/08/2023)

A new treatment option for patients with haematological cancers 

The Jules Bordet Institute is now one of 7 Belgian centres to propose treatment with CAR-T cells for haematological cancer patients. 

There are a number of treatments available for haematological cancers: chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell grafts and also cell therapy. Today, thanks to its cell therapy unit, the Jules Bordet Institute is able to offer its patients a new treatment option: CAR-T cell therapy.

CAR-T cell therapy relies on the patient's own immune system to produce a medicine. White blood cells and T lymphocytes in particular are extracted from the patient's blood. These are then genetically modified in the laboratory. By introducing a gene to their nucleus, the T lymphocytes will produce "chimeric antigenic receptors" (CAR) on their surface. Once these cells have been modified and multiplied they are reinjected into the patient's bloodstream. These new receptors will enable the CAR-T cells to recognise cancer cells, attach themselves to them and destroy them.

This innovative therapy offers new hope for children and adults. The complex nature of the production requires a strictly controlled process and care at specialised centres. The Jules Bordet Institute is one of 7 Belgian centres authorised to propose CAR-T cell therapy to its patients.

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