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Seminar of Nuclear Medicine

Vers une imagerie dynamique de l’activité neuronale basée sur le 18F-FDG PET/IRM fonctionnel (Dr A. CASTIAUX)

Meet the Oncology Expert

Improving treatment and outcomes of men suffering from advanced prostate cancer - Johann de BONO, MD PhD

Radiotherapy seminar

Implementation and validation of a new 4DCT QA program in clinical routine (M. J. BAKKALI

Meet the Oncology Expert

Sensitivity vs Resistance to Cancer Immunotherapies : Improve disease monitoring for better drug development in Immuno-Oncology.

Meet the Oncology Expert

Clinical development of innovative therapeutic anti-cancer vaccines ? Olivier ADOTEVI, MD PhD ,Regional Cancer Institute of Franche-Comté

Meet the Oncology Expert

AI in pathology: from sandbox to implementation in clinical practice (Paul J. Van DIEST, MD PhD (The Netherlands)

Meet the Oncology Expert

Innovation in Radiotherapy : FLASH-therapy (Jean BOURHIS, MD PhD) Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland

The new Institut Jules Bordet

... a building for the practice of medical excellence now and in the future. Meeting at the end of November 2021 on the ULB campus in Anderlecht!
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