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Urology department

The Urology Department is responsible for the medical and surgical treatment of pathologies associated with the male and female urinary tract and the male genitalia.

Its activities are essentially diagnosis and treatment and the monitoring of cancerous and non-cancerous conditions affecting the prostate, kidneys, bladder and male genitalia.

As our work is principally oncological in nature, we operate a strongly multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of all cancerous conditions associated with the genitourinary system.

Our team therefore works in close and constant collaboration with the Institut Bordet’s medical oncologists, radiotherapists, radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists and anatomopathologists.

Our team

Head of Department
Dr A.Peltier

Assistant Heads of Clinic
Dr E. Hawaux
Dr K. Limani

Dr C. Andrianne
Dr W. Alhajjobeid

Coordinator Nurse
C. Dekeyser

Reference Secretary and Administrative Secretary
V. Dupont

 Scientific publications

Are concurrent systematic cores needed at the time of targeted biopsy in patients with prior negative prostate biopsies?

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Pages : 18-24

Patterns and predictors of recurrence after open radical cystectomy for bladder cancer: a comprehensive review of the literature.

Authors : Mari A, Campi R, Tellini R, Gandaglia G, Albisinni S, Abufaraj M, Hatzichristodoulou G, Montorsi F, Van Velthoven R, Carini M, Minervini A, Shariat SF
Year : 2018
Journal : World J Urol
Volume : 36(2)
Pages : 157-169

Focal treatment for unilateral prostate cancer using HIFU: a comprehensive study of pooled data.

Authors : Albisinni S, Melot C, Aoun F, Limani K, Peltier A, Rischmann P, Van Velthoven R
Year : 2018
Journal : J Endourol

Exploring positive surgical margins after minimally invasive radical prostatectomy: Does body habitus really make a difference ?

Authors : Albisinni S, Grosman J, Aoun F, Quackels T, Peltier A, Van Velthoven R, Roumeguère T
Year : 2018
Journal : Prog Urol
Volume : 28(8-9)
Pages : 434-441

Association between phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and prostate cancer: A systematic review.

Authors : Aoun F, Slaoui A, Walid EHO, Albisinni S, Assenmacher G, de Plaen E, Azzo JM, Peltier A, Roumeguère T
Year : 2018
Journal : Prog Urol

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