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The mission of the Institut Bordet Department of Nursing is to provide comprehensive care for patients affected by cancer and to deliver high-quality, adapted and personalised nursing care as part of a multidisciplinary team. The Department also seeks to promote the skills, motivation and empowerment of its nursing staff and carers.

Nursing care is delivered according to a model based on comprehensive care of the patient and their relatives. It relies on an individual care plan for each patient which is recorded in the “nursing file” in the patient’s records.

Nursing care is delivered with constant concern for the physical, psychological and social well-being of the patient and their relatives. It promotes the continued independence of individuals and, insofar as their state of health allows, their socioprofessional and domestic reintegration.

Our team

The Department of Nursing has a staff of around 365.
It is subdivided into 3 “sub-departments”:

  1. hospitalisation
  2. medical-technical section
  3. “other” specialist units.
  • Director of the Department of Nursing
  • Director Assistant of the Department of Nursing
    • Carine Goossens
  • Senior Departmental Nurse (Hospitalisation, secretaries and logistical assistants of the Nursing Department)
    • Anne Marcovitch
  • Senior Departmental Nurse, Medico-Technical managers
    • Carine Goossens, (QOP- imagery/scanner/RMN- Radiotherapy- Nuclear Medicine - Endoscopy)
    • Anne Marcovitch, (consultations/samples) 
  • Supportive department
    • C. Devleeshouwer (Nurse Head of Department and Head of Hospital Hygiene) – Sterilization team leader
    • Jacqueline Louis, Nurse Head of service : DIRHM – Hospital hygiene on construction sites
    • Patrick Crombez, Nursing Research and Development
    • Nathalie Haenecour and Olivia Hollertt (ICANE : Nurses in charge of welcoming new employees + students + interim)
    • Secretariat : Kathy Van Hecke and Valérie Dupont
    • Christian Rousseau, Ombeline Bauvin, Pascal Delhalle and Jacqueline Louis (DPI : Computerized patient record)
    • Ana Munoz and Fabienne Toby (Reservation of beds)
  • Head nurses (Hospitalisation)
    • 1st floor = B1 : oncological medicine/hematology: Christian Ntwari
    • 2nd floor = B2 : oncogeriatry: John Langenaeken
    • 2nd floor = UASS (Acute Unit of Supportive Care): Myriam Obiols
    • 3th floor = B3: oncohematology : Patrick Crombez
    • 4th floor = B4: oncological medicine : Maud Caudron
    • 5th floor : ASTI: Vanessa Pinto Felicia
    • 5th floor = RESI (Intensive cares): Joke Vandenschrick
    • 6th floor = B6: Fabienne Van Ginderachter
    • 7th floor = B7: Felicia Coelho Arlinda Cristina
    • 8th floor = B8: Day hospital – chemotherapy : Allal Hayet
  • Head nurses (Medico-technic)
    • Operating room : Marta Nicolas
    • Radiotherapy : Monica Somoano
    • Medical Imaging : Lionel Gantois
    • Nuclear Medicine : Sara Coelho Sousa
    • Endoscopy : Christiane Wyns
    • Sampling centre – Lasertherapy – Functional Respiratory tests : Martine Vandenhoucke
  • Head nurses/Responsables of "other unites"
    • ICSO team : Sophie Delaunois
    • Cytapherese : Patrick Crombez
    • Nutrition and Tabacology : Sophie Delaunois
    • Mobile team of Logistics and medical secretaries of the nursing department: Anne Marcovitch
    • Mobile unit: Carine Goossens


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