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Grand Tour de Médecine

Néoplasie du sein – métastases cérébrales (A. Goudsmit, Kotecki, Y. Lefebvre, G. Gebhart)

Meet the Oncology Expert

Innovation in Radiotherapy : FLASH-therapy (Jean BOURHIS, MD PhD) Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland

Seminar of Surgical Oncology

Determination of new clinico-pathological pronostic factors in patients with colorectal and ovarian peritoneal mestastases. Dr Antoine El Asmar, Prof. Gabriel Liberale, Chirurgie des Tumeurs Abdominales, IJB.

Grand Tour de Médecine

Néoplasie de la prostate - thrombopénie (J. Catherine, S. Wittnebel/N. Meuleman, R. De Wind

Radiotherapy seminar

New CTsim: clinical implementation and protocol optimization (BURGHELEA M.) 

Seminar of Nuclear Medicine

Predicting overall survival using 18F-FDG PET/CT-based biomarkers for clinical decision support  in metastatic colorectal cancer - Dr Jennifer Dhont