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Médecine interne _ Internal medicine

The mission of the Institut Jules Bordet's Department of Internal Medicine is to assume responsibilitiy regarding:

  • The oncological emergencies room
  • The diagnosis and guidance unit.
  • The infectious diseases clinic.
  • Providing training in internal medicine for medical students and doctors training to be a specialist  during the core years of internal medicine studies and higher training in internal medicine. 
  • Organising, with senior doctors from other specialities, the hospital's medical activity and support for undergraduate and postgraduate students 

Our team

Head of department
Prof. Anne-Pascale Meert

Intensive care and oncological emergencies
Dr Bogdan Grigoriu, head of clinic
Dr Maxime Ilzkovitz, resident

Infectious diseases clinic
Dr Aspasia Georgala, head of clinic
Dr Angela Loizidou, deputy head of clinic
Dr Michaela Raimo


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