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Radiotherapy seminar

New CTsim: clinical implementation and protocol optimization (BURGHELEA M.) 

Seminar of Nuclear Medicine

Predicting overall survival using 18F-FDG PET/CT-based biomarkers for clinical decision support  in metastatic colorectal cancer - Dr Jennifer Dhont

Grand Tour de Médecine

Canceled seminar : Les vaccins chez les patients immunocompromis (M. Aoun, A. Georgala, C. Devleeschouwer)

Meet the Oncology Expert

Clinical development of innovative therapeutic anti-cancer vaccines ? Olivier ADOTEVI, MD PhD ,Regional Cancer Institute of Franche-Comté

Meet the Oncology Expert

AI in pathology: from sandbox to implementation in clinical practice (Paul J. Van DIEST, MD PhD (The Netherlands)

Seminar of Nuclear Medicine

Is there still a role for thyroid scintigraphy in the workup of a thyroid nodule in the era of EU-TIRADS, fine needle aspiration and molecular testing? Dr Rodrigo Moreno Reyes