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 Wetenschapelijke artikelen

Dasatinib stimulates its own mechanism of resistance by activating a CRTC3/MITF/Bcl-2 pathway in melanoma with mutant or amplified c-Kit.

Auteurs : Sabbah M, Krayem M, Najem A, Sales F, Miller W, Del Rincon S, Awada A, Ghanem GE, Journe F
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Mol Cancer Res

Survival and treatment outcome of head and neck cancer patients with pulmonary oligometastases.

Auteurs : Lardinois I, Dequanter D, Lechien JR, Bouland C, Javadian R, Rodriguez A, Loeb I, Journe F, Saussez S
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Clin Otolaryngol
Volume : 46
Pagina's : 311-317

Severity of Anosmia as an Early Symptom of COVID-19 Infection May Predict Lasting Loss of Smell.

Auteurs : Lechien JR, Journe F, Hans S, Chiesa-Estomba CM, Mustin V, Beckers E, Vaira LA, De Riu G, Hopkins C, Saussez S
Jaar : 2020
Journal : Front Med (Lausanne)
Volume : 7
Pagina's : 582802

Erratum: Krayem, M., et al. Kinome Profiling to Predict Sensitivity to MAPK Inhibition in Melanoma and to Provide New Insights into Intrinsic and Acquired Mechanism of Resistance Short Title: Sensitivity Prediction to MAPK Inhibitors in Melanoma. <i>

Auteurs : Krayem M, Aftimos P, Najem A, Hooven TVD, Berg AVD, Hovestad-Bijl L, Wijn R, Hilhorst R, Ruijtenbeek R, Sabbah M, Kerger J, Awada A, Journe F, Ghanem G
Jaar : 2020
Journal : Cancers (Basel)
Volume : 12