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Tyrosine-Dependent Phenotype Switching Occurs Early in Many Primary Melanoma Cultures Limiting Their Translational Value.

Auteurs : Najem A, Wouters J, Krayem M, Rambow F, Sabbah M, Sales F, Awada A, Aerts S, Journe F, Marine JC, Ghanem GE
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 11
Pagina's : 780654

Dasatinib Stimulates Its Own Mechanism of Resistance by Activating a CRTC3/MITF/Bcl-2 Pathway in Melanoma with Mutant or Amplified c-Kit.

Auteurs : Sabbah M, Krayem M, Najem A, Sales F, Miller W, Del Rincon S, Awada A, Ghanem GE, Journe F
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Mol Cancer Res
Volume : 19
Pagina's : 1221-1233

Adjuvant therapy with pegylated interferon-alfa2b vs observation in stage II B/C patients with ulcerated primary: Results of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer 18081 randomised trial.

Auteurs : Eggermont AMM, Rutkowski P, Dutriaux C, Hofman-Wellenhof R, Dziewulski P, Marples M, Grange F, Lok C, Pennachioli E, Robert C, Van Akkooi ACJ, Bastholt L, Minisini A, Marshall E, Sales F, Grob JJ, Bechter O, Schadendorf D, Marreaud S, Kicinski M, Suciu S, Testori AAE
Jaar : 2020
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 133
Pagina's : 94-103

Recommendations for skin cancer consultation and surgery during COVID-19 pandemic.

Auteurs : Brochez L, Baurain JF, Del Marmol V, Nikkels A, Kruse V, Sales F, Stas M, Van Laethem A, Garmyn M
Jaar : 2020
Journal : J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol
Volume : 34
Pagina's : 1876-1878

The Benefit of Reactivating p53 under MAPK Inhibition on the Efficacy of Radiotherapy in Melanoma.

Auteurs : Krayem M, Sabbah M, Najem A, Wouters A, Lardon F, Simon S, Sales F, Journe F, Awada A, Ghanem G, Van Gestel D
Jaar : 2019
Journal : Cancers (Basel)
Volume : 11

Acquired resistance to BRAFi reverses senescence-like phenotype in mutant BRAF melanoma.

Auteurs : Krayem M, Najem A, Journe F, Morandini R, Sales F, Awada A, Ghanem G
Jaar : 2018
Journal : Oncotarget
Volume : 9
Pagina's : 31888-31903

P53 and MITF/Bcl-2 identified as key pathways in the acquired resistance of NRAS-mutant melanoma to MEK inhibition.

Auteurs : Najem A, Krayem M, Sales F, Hussein N, Badran B, Robert C, Awada A, Journe F, Ghanem G
Jaar : 2017
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 83
Pagina's : 154-165

p53 Reactivation by PRIMA-1 Met (APR-246) sensitises V600E/K BRAF melanoma to vemurafenib.

Auteurs : Krayem M, Journe F, Wiedig M, Morandini R, Najem A, Sales F, Van Kempen LC, Sibille C, Awada A, Marine JC, Ghanem G
Jaar : 2016
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 55
Pagina's : 98-110

Long term follow up of the EORTC 18952 trial of adjuvant therapy in resected stage IIB-III cutaneous melanoma patients comparing intermediate doses of interferon-alpha-2b (IFN) with observation: Ulceration of primary is key determinant for IFN-sensit

Auteurs : Eggermont AM, Suciu S, Rutkowski P, Kruit WH, Punt CJ, Dummer R, Sales F, Keilholz U, de Schaetzen G, Testori A
Jaar : 2016
Journal : Eur J Cancer
Volume : 55
Pagina's : 111-121

SNPs at miR-155 binding sites of TYRP1 explain discrepancy between mRNA and protein and refine TYRP1 prognostic value in melanoma.

Auteurs : El Hajj P, Gilot D, Migault M, Theunis A, Van Kempen LC, Sales F, Fayyad-Kazan H, Badran B, Larsimont D, Awada A, Bachelot L, Galibert MD, Ghanem G, Journe F
Jaar : 2015
Journal : Br J Cancer
Volume : 113(1)
Pagina's : 91-8

Prominent role of cyclic adenosine monophosphate signalling pathway in the sensitivity of (WT)BRAF/(WT)NRAS melanoma cells to vemurafenib.

Auteurs : Krayem M, Journe F, Wiedig M, Morandini R, Sales F, Awada A, Ghanem G
Jaar : 2014
Journal : Eur. J. Cancer
Volume : 50(7)
Pagina's : 1310-20

Tyrosinase-related protein 1 mRNA expression in lymph node metastases predicts overall survival in high-risk melanoma patients.

Auteurs : El Hajj P, Journe F, Wiedig M, Laios I, Sales F, Galibert MD, Van Kempen LC, Spatz A, Badran B, Larsimont D, Awada A, Ghanem G
Jaar : 2013
Journal : Br J Cancer
Volume : 108(8)
Pagina's : 1641-7

Survey concerning exposure of staff to UV radiation at four Brussels hospitals.

Auteurs : Lam Hoai XL, André J, Del Marmol V, Ghanem G, Sales F, Vereecken P
Jaar : 2012
Journal : Ann Dermatol Venereol
Volume : 139(2)
Pagina's : 91-102

Long-term results of the randomized phase III trial EORTC 18991 of adjuvant therapy with pegylated interferon alfa-2b versus observation in resected stage III melanoma.

Auteurs : Eggermont AM, Suciu S, Testori A, Santinami M, Kruit WH, Marsden J, Punt CJ, Sales F, Dummer R, Robert C, Schadendorf D, Patel PM, de Schaetzen G, Spatz A, Keilholz U
Jaar : 2012
Journal : J. Clin. Oncol.
Volume : 30(31)
Pagina's : 3810-8

Ulceration and stage are predictive of interferon efficacy in melanoma: results of the phase III adjuvant trials EORTC 18952 and EORTC 18991.

Auteurs : Eggermont AM, Suciu S, Testori A, Kruit WH, Marsden J, Punt CJ, Santinami M, Sales F, Schadendorf D, Patel P, Dummer R, Robert C, Keilholz U, Yver A, Spatz A
Jaar : 2012
Journal : Eur. J. Cancer
Volume : 48(2)
Pagina's : 218-25

Immunohistochemical study of 40 cases of longitudinal melanonychia.

Auteurs : Theunis A, Richert B, Sass U, Lateur N, Sales F, André J
Jaar : 2011
Journal : Am J Dermatopathol
Volume : 33(1)
Pagina's : 27-34

TYRP1 mRNA expression in melanoma metastases correlates with clinical outcome.

Auteurs : Journe F, Id Boufker H, Van Kempen L, Galibert MD, Wiedig M, Sales F, Theunis A, Nonclercq D, Frau A, Laurent G, Awada A, Ghanem G
Jaar : 2011
Journal : Br J Cancer
Volume : 105(11)
Pagina's : 1726-32

Prognostic value of serial blood S100B determinations in stage IIB-III melanoma patients: a corollary study to EORTC trial 18952.

Auteurs : Bouwhuis MG, Suciu S, Kruit W, Sales F, Stoitchkov K, Patel P, Cocquyt V, Thomas J, Liénard D, Eggermont AM, Ghanem G
Jaar : 2011
Journal : Eur. J. Cancer
Volume : 47(3)
Pagina's : 361-8