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Incidental finding of solitary fibrous tumor of male breast: case report and review of literature.

Auteurs : El-Helou E, Zaiter M, Hoang H, Lelie B, Larsimont D, Awada A, Grosu F, Veys I, Pop CF
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Rom J Morphol Embryol
Volume : 63
Pagina's : 653-657

Intraoperative electron radiotherapy in early invasive ductal breast cancer: 6-year median follow-up results of a prospective monocentric registry.

Auteurs : Philippson C, Larsen S, Simon S, Vandekerkhove C, De Caluwe A, Van Gestel D, Chintinne M, Veys I, De Neubourg F, Noterman D, Roman M, Nogaret JM, Desmet A
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Breast Cancer Res
Volume : 24
Pagina's : 83

The Impact of Temporal Variation in ICG Administration on Axillary Node Identification During Reverse Mapping Procedures.

Auteurs : Roman MM, Nogaret JM, Veys I, Delrue P, Eddy C, Karler C, Marmol VD, Bourgeois P
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Chirurgia (Bucur)
Volume : 117
Pagina's : 305-311

Circulating Tumor DNA After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Is Associated With Disease Relapse.

Auteurs : Cailleux F, Agostinetto E, Lambertini M, Rothé F, Wu HT, Balcioglu M, Kalashnikova E, Vincent D, Viglietti G, Gombos A, Papagiannis A, Veys I, Awada A, Sethi H, Aleshin A, Larsimont D, Sotiriou C, Venet D, Ignatiadis M
Jaar : 2022
Journal : JCO Precis Oncol
Volume : 6
Pagina's : e2200148

ROSALINE: a phase II, neoadjuvant study targeting ROS1 in combination with endocrine therapy in invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast.

Auteurs : Agostinetto E, Nader-Marta G, Paesmans M, Ameye L, Veys I, Buisseret L, Neven P, Taylor D, Fontaine C, Duhoux FP, Canon JL, Denys H, Coussy F, Chakiba C, Ribeiro JM, Piccart M, Desmedt C, Ignatiadis M, Aftimos P
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Future Oncol
Volume : 18
Pagina's : 2383-2392

Lymphoscintigraphic Investigations for Axillary Web Syndromes.

Auteurs : Roman MM, Barbieux R, Eddy C, Karler C, Veys I, Zeltzer A, Adriaenssens N, Leduc O, Bourgeois P
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Lymphat Res Biol
Volume : 20
Pagina's : 417-424

Inferior epigastric artery lymph nodes: A pathway for systemic dissemination from peritoneal carcinomatosis?

Auteurs : El Asmar A, Veys I, Larsimont D, Donckier V, Liberale G
Jaar : 2021
Journal : J Surg Oncol
Volume : 123
Pagina's : 311-314

Absence of residual fluorescence in the surgical bed at near-infrared fluorescence imaging predicts negative margins at final pathology in patients treated with breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer.

Auteurs : Pop FC, Veys I, Vankerckhove S, Barbieux R, Chintinne M, Moreau M, Donckier V, Larsimont D, Bourgeois P, Liberale G
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Eur J Surg Oncol
Volume : 47
Pagina's : 269-275

Neo-CheckRay: radiation therapy and adenosine pathway blockade to increase benefit of immuno-chemotherapy in early stage luminal B breast cancer, a randomized phase II trial.

Auteurs : De Caluwe A, Buisseret L, Poortmans P, Van Gestel D, Salgado R, Sotiriou C, Larsimont D, Paesmans M, Craciun L, Drisis S, Vandekerckhove C, Reyal F, Veys I, Eiger D, Piccart-Gebhart M, Romano E, Ignatiadis M
Jaar : 2021
Journal : BMC Cancer
Volume : 21
Pagina's : 899

Near-Infrared Fluorescence Imaging of Breast Cancer and Axillary Lymph Nodes After Intravenous Injection of Free Indocyanine Green.

Auteurs : Bourgeois P, Veys I, Noterman D, De Neubourg F, Chintinne M, Vankerckhove S, Nogaret JM
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 11
Pagina's : 602906

A radical approach to achieve complete cytoreductive surgery improve survival of patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

Auteurs : Liberale G, Pop FC, Polastro L, Kerger J, Moreau M, Chintinne M, Larsimont D, Nogaret JM, Veys I
Jaar : 2020
Journal : J Visc Surg
Volume : 157
Pagina's : 79-86

Tumor infiltrating B-cells signal functional humoral immune responses in breast cancer.

Auteurs : Garaud S, Buisseret L, Solinas C, Gu-Trantien C, de Wind A, Van den Eynden G, Naveaux C, Lodewyckx JN, Boisson A, Duvillier H, Craciun L, Ameye L, Veys I, Paesmans M, Larsimont D, Piccart-Gebhart M, Willard-Gallo K
Jaar : 2019
Journal : JCI Insight
Volume : 5

Genomic, Transcriptomic, Epigenetic, and Immune Profiling of Mucinous Breast Cancer.

Auteurs : Nguyen B, Veys I, Leduc S, Bareche Y, Majjaj S, Brown DN, Boeckx B, Lambrechts D, Sotiriou C, Larsimont D, Desmedt C
Jaar : 2019
Journal : J Natl Cancer Inst
Volume : 111
Pagina's : 742-746

The impact of breast MRI workup on tumor size assessment and surgical planning in patients with early breast cancer.

Auteurs : Pop FC, Stanciu-Pop C, Drisis S, Radermeker M, Vandemerckt C, Noterman D, Moreau M, Larsimont D, Nogaret JM, Veys I
Jaar : 2018
Journal : Breast J
Volume : 24
Pagina's : 927-933

ICG fluorescence imaging as a new tool for optimization of pathological evaluation in breast cancer tumors after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Auteurs : Veys I, Pop FC, Barbieux R, Moreau M, Noterman D, De Neubourg F, Nogaret JM, Liberale G, Larsimont D, Bourgeois P
Jaar : 2018
Journal : PLoS One
Volume : 13
Pagina's : e0197857 (13pages)

Inflammatory Stroma of Lymphoepithelioma-like Carcinoma of the Cervix: Immunohistochemical Study of 3 Cases and Review of the Literature.

Auteurs : Philippe A, Rassy M, Craciun L, Naveaux C, Willard-Gallo K, Larsimont D, Veys I
Jaar : 2018
Journal : Int J Gynecol Pathol
Volume : 37
Pagina's : 482-487

ICG-fluorescence imaging for detection of peritoneal metastases and residual tumoral scars in locally advanced ovarian cancer: A pilot study.

Auteurs : Veys I, Pop FC, Vankerckhove S, Barbieux R, Chintinne M, Moreau M, Nogaret JM, Larsimont D, Donckier V, Bourgeois P, Liberale G
Jaar : 2018
Journal : J Surg Oncol
Volume : 117(2)
Pagina's : 228-235

Ex vivo indocyanine green fluorescence imaging for the detection of lymph node involvement in advanced-stage ovarian cancer.

Auteurs : Pop FC, Veys I, Gomez Galdon M, Moreau M, Larsimont D, Donckier V, Bourgeois P, Liberale G
Jaar : 2018
Journal : J Surg Oncol
Volume : 118(7)
Pagina's : 1163-1169

Follow-up of breast cancer patients by general practioner.

Auteurs : Veys I
Jaar : 2018
Journal : Rev Med Brux
Volume : 39
Pagina's : 280-286

Immune Checkpoint Molecules on Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes and Their Association with Tertiary Lymphoid Structures in Human Breast Cancer.

Auteurs : Solinas C, Garaud S, De Silva P, Boisson A, Van den Eynden G, de Wind A, Risso P, Rodrigues Vitória J, Richard F, Migliori E, Noël G, Duvillier H, Craciun L, Veys I, Awada A, Detours V, Larsimont D, Piccart-Gebhart M, Willard-Gallo K
Jaar : 2017
Journal : Front Immunol
Volume : 8
Pagina's : 1412