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Tumour bank

How to easily participate in cancer research? 

The Institut Bordet Tumour Bank or Tumour Biobank is a collection of samples of human body material (tumour tissue residue, blood samples) and of associated data preserved in optimum conditions for their future use in research. It constitutes a crucial link between diagnosis and fundamental, translational and clinical research. Its activity is subject to strict legislation.

The development of personalised medicine and of immunotherapy in oncology requires the exploration of new biomarkers identifiable in tumour tissue, but also in blood. The role of the Tumour Bank is to collect and supply to scientific research laboratories very high quality, diversified, biological samples in sufficient quantity, accompanied by complete clinical data to enable them to carry out their research. The objective is to understand how tumour ‘machinery’ operates and the strategy that allows it to escape the vigilance and immune defences of its host.

The Tumour Bank forms part of the Anatomical Pathology Department, enabling full and accurate analysis of tumours by pathologists prior to their preservation. It also forms an integral part of other Belgian biobanks – the Cancer Register Virtual Catalogue, BWB (Wallonia-Brussels BioBank) and of 2 European biobanks: the BBMRI and ESBB. Contact via these networks between different Belgian and international research teams facilitates the establishment of links and skill sharing.

The Institut Bordet Tumour Bank has been ISO90001 certified since 2012 – a guarantee of quality. The robust system put in place for the quality control of our samples enables us to support numerous research projects every year. This is evidenced in the quality of the scientific publications that result from these.


The Tumour Bank not only supplies biological material, it also develops its own scientific projects.


Project 1

Evaluation via digital image analysis of proliferation markers Ki67, MCM2 and Gemini in breast cancer in the Anatomical Pathology Department’s Genomic Grade cohort

Project 2

Quality control via infrared spectroscopy.
Analysis of the quality and preservation (stability) of tumour bank frozen sample proteins via infrared spectroscopy

Project 3

Liquid biopsies 
Tumour bank extension to blood/plasma samples thanks to the funding of plasma stabilising tubes by the Friends of the Institut Bordet. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of tumour DNA in plasma.

Project 4

Analysis of intra- and peri-tumoural inflammatory infiltrate in patients who have undergone surgery for hepatocellular carcinoma after intra-arterial radioembolisation


Head of the Anatomical Pathology Department, Human Body Material Manager
Pr D. Larsimont

Tumour Bank Coordinator
Dr Sc L. Craciun

A. Spinette


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