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Meet the Oncology Expert

FRIDAY MAY 24, 2024 (from 8.00AM to 9.00AM)

Meet the Oncology Expert

The Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, is hosting a series of “Prestige Seminars” in Oncology entitled : “Meet the Oncology Expert”.
The purpose of these seminars is to provide a review of the “State-of-the-Art” and ongoing research in a wide range of cancers diseases to an audience of junior and senior oncologists. 

The seminaries will take place from 8.00AM to 9.00AM on Friday : Institut Jules Bordet (Rue Meylemeersch 90, 1070 Anderlecht).  This will be the opportunity to hold our LIVE Meet the Oncology Expert Meeting in our auditorium (0H Nord - route 2985 – near the Foyer). The event is hybrid and Teams link will be provided.

Jean-Yves BLAY
, MD, PhD – Prof. of Medicine University of Lyon, General Director of the Centre Leon Berard, UNICANCER (FR)

“Precision medicine, and precision management in rare cancers : the model of sarcomas”

Jean-Yves Blay, an oncologist, is professor of Medicine at the University of Lyon I where he is Director General of the Cancer Center Léon Bérard. He is also President of the French Federation of CCC Unicancer. His work focuses on sarcoma, rare cancers, guiding targeted treatments using genomics, and immuno-oncology. He is an investigator at the Cancer Research Center of Lyon, director of SIRIC LYRICAN+, President of the French Sarcoma Group and the Sarcoma expert network NETSARC+, director of ERN-EURACAN of the European Commission, Director of Public Policies of ESMO, and former president of the EORTC. He has co-authored more than 1000 articles & is a “Highly cited Researcher” since 2019.

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