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1998-2018, 20 years of Sentinel Lymph Nodes against cancers…

October 26th, 2018

Anniversary Symposium: 
“1998-2018, 20 years of Sentinel Lymph Nodes against cancers…”

congrès de lymphologie

At the Jules Bordet Institute (Auditorium Tagnon)

The Sentinel Lymph Node approach has revolutionized the management of cancers. It was introduced in Belgium in 1998. 20 years later, the Jules Bordet Institute, the Belgian Society of Nuclear Medicine (BelNuc) and the Belgian Society of Lymphology (BeSL) are inviting you to participate in one Anniversary Symposium!

  • 12h30-14h00: registration and welcome coffee
  • 14h00-14h10: Welcome Messages: Prof De Bondt, BelNuc President
  • 14h10-16h15: 
    • 20 years of SLN: the revolutions!” (in Breast and Melanoma)
       20 years(and more) around the two main fields of application…
       Prof Bourgeois (Institut Jules Bordet, Belgium)
    •  "Sentinel lymph node guided radiotherapy: the next step in personalized radiation oncology"
       About (Amaros and about) the interest of only SLN for radiotherapy…
       Dr Daisne (CHU-UCL-Namur, Belgium)
    • Radiation and/or Fluorescence for SLN imagings ?” (in HNC and Prostate)
      Hamlet in imaging? Or a hybrid solution?
      Prof Valdes-Olmos (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands)
    • The colours of the SLN in digestive tract cancers!
      Blue (dye) and/or Green (Indocyanin) for the SLN demonstration…
      Dr Liberale (Institut Jules Bordet, Belgium)
  • 16h15-16h45: coffee break and Poster session
  • 16h45-18h30: 
    • From colloids to Tilmanocept!
      A better and more specific tracer to change sentinel node imaging paradigms?
      Prof Valdes-Olmos (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands): 
    • “Towards Sentinel Mag-netic lymph nodes detection?”
      When magnetism is using Sienna to locate the SLN…
      TBC. Prof Karakatsanis (Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden)
    • “SLN after IV injection of ICG?”
      When the intravenous injection of ICG shows fluorescent some lymph nodes “sentinel”…
      Dr Digonnet for the GCAFI (Institut Jules Bordet, Belgium): 
    • “From (diagnostic) SLN to (preventive) ARM and Lympha!”
      When “SLN” becomes “Sentibras” to protect the arm from the surgeon…
      Prof Boccardo (University and National Cancer Research Institute, Genoa, Italy): 
  • 20h00: gala dinner (if registered)

Informations and registration:
pierre.bourgeois@bordet.be and Jessie.Toussaint @bordet.be

One request for accreditation is under course