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CYAD-01, an autologous NKG2D-based CAR T-cell therapy, in relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndromes or multiple myeloma (THINK): haematological cohorts of the dose escalation segment of a phase 1 trial.

Auteurs : Sallman DA, Kerre T, Havelange V, Poiré X, Lewalle P, Wang ES, Brayer JB, Davila ML, Moors I, Machiels JP, Awada A, Alcantar-Orozco EM, Borissova R, Braun N, Dheur MS, Gilham DE, Lonez C, Lehmann FF, Flament A
Jaar : 2023
Journal : Lancet Haematol

New Perspectives in Treating Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Driving towards a Patient-Tailored Strategy.

Auteurs : Andreozzi F, Massaro F, Wittnebel S, Spilleboudt C, Lewalle P, Salaroli A
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Int J Mol Sci
Volume : 23

NK cells and monocytes modulate primary HTLV-1 infection.

Auteurs : Moles R, Sarkis S, Galli V, Omsland M, Artesi M, Bissa M, McKinnon K, Brown S, Hahaut V, Washington-Parks R, Welsh J, Venzon DJ, Gutowska A, Doster MN, Breed MW, Killoran KE, Kramer J, Jones J, Moniuszko M, Van den Broeke A, Pise-Masison CA, Franchini G
Jaar : 2022
Journal : PLoS Pathog
Volume : 18
Pagina's : e1010416

OncomiRs as noncoding RNAs having functions in cancer: Their role in immune suppression and clinical implications.

Auteurs : Otmani K, Rouas R, Lewalle P
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Front Immunol
Volume : 13
Pagina's : 913951

Fundamental and Applied Advances in Stem Cell Therapeutic Research.

Auteurs : Merimi M, Rahmani S, Afailal Tribak A, Bouhtit F, Fahmi H, Najar M
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Cells
Volume : 11

Outcomes after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for adults with primary mediastinal B cell lymphoma: a SFGM-TC and LYSA study.

Auteurs : Le Calvez B, Tessoullin B, Renaud L, Botella-Garcia C, Srour M, Le Gouill S, Guillerm G, Gressin R, Nguyen Quoc S, Furst S, Chauchet A, Sibon D, Lewalle P, Poiré X, Maillard N, Villate A, Loschi M, Paillassa J, Beguin Y, Dulery R, Tudesq JJ, Fayard A, Béné MC, Camus V, Chevallier P, Le Bourgeois A
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Acta Oncol
Volume : 61
Pagina's : 1332-1338

Bioscreening and pre-clinical evaluation of the impact of bioactive molecules from Ptychotis verticillata on the multilineage potential of mesenchymal stromal cells towards immune- and inflammation-mediated diseases.

Auteurs : Bouhtit F, Najar M, Rahmani S, Melki R, Najimi M, Sadki K, Boukhatem N, Twizere JC, Meuleman N, Lewalle P, Lagneaux L, Merimi M
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Inflamm Res
Volume : 71
Pagina's : 887-898

Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells as a Therapeutic Tool in Cell-Based Therapy and Regenerative Medicine: An Introduction Expertise to the Topical Collection.

Auteurs : Merimi M, Fahmi H, De Kock J, Beguin C, Burny A, Moll G, Poggi A, Najar M
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Cells
Volume : 11

Sequential administration of low dose 5-azacytidine (AZA) and donor lymphocyte infusion (DLI) for patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) or myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in relapse after allogeneic stem cell transplantation (SCT): a prospective

Auteurs : Poiré X, Graux C, Ory A, Herman J, Baron F, Schoemans H, Lewalle P, De Becker A, Deeren D, Berneman Z, Kerre T, Zachée P, Selleslag D, Beguin Y
Jaar : 2022
Journal : Bone Marrow Transplant
Volume : 57
Pagina's : 116-118

In Vitro Cellular and Molecular Interplay between Human Foreskin-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cells and the Th17 Cell Pathway.

Auteurs : Najar M, Merimi M, Faour WH, Lombard CA, Moussa Agha D, Ouhaddi Y, Sokal EM, Lagneaux L, Fahmi H
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Pharmaceutics
Volume : 13

Endoscopic duodenal mucosal resurfacing for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH): a pilot study.

Auteurs : Hadefi A, Verset L, Pezzullo M, Rosewick N, Degré D, Gustot T, Moreno C, Devière J, Trépo E
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Endosc Int Open
Volume : 9
Pagina's : E1792-E1800

Tumor Suppressor miRNA in Cancer Cells and the Tumor Microenvironment: Mechanism of Deregulation and Clinical Implications.

Auteurs : Otmani K, Lewalle P
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 11
Pagina's : 708765

Therapeutic Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells: Value, Challenges and Optimization.

Auteurs : Najar M, Melki R, Khalife F, Lagneaux L, Bouhtit F, Moussa Agha D, Fahmi H, Lewalle P, Fayyad-Kazan M, Merimi M
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Front Cell Dev Biol
Volume : 9
Pagina's : 716853

Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia (Apl) In The Elderly Patient.

Auteurs : Salaroli A, Spilleboudt C, Lewalle P, Wittnebel S
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Belgian J Hematology
Volume : 12(8)
Pagina's : 332–7

Humanized Mice as a Valuable Pre-Clinical Model for Cancer Immunotherapy Research.

Auteurs : Cogels MM, Rouas R, Ghanem GE, Martinive P, Awada A, Van Gestel D, Krayem M
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Front Oncol
Volume : 11
Pagina's : 784947

Functional Th1-oriented T follicular helper cells that infiltrate human breast cancer promote effective adaptive immunity.

Auteurs : Noël G, Fontsa ML, Garaud S, De Silva P, de Wind A, Van den Eynden GG, Salgado R, Boisson A, Locy H, Thomas N, Solinas C, Migliori E, Naveaux C, Duvillier H, Lucas S, Craciun L, Thielemans K, Larsimont D, Willard-Gallo K
Jaar : 2021
Journal : J Clin Invest
Volume : 131

Targeted deep sequencing reveals clonal and subclonal mutational signatures in Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma and defines an unfavorable indolent subtype. (THE 3 LAST AUTHORS CONTRIBUTED EQUALLY)

Auteurs : Marçais A, Lhermitte L, Artesi M, Laurent C, Durkin K, Hahaut V, Rosewick N, Suarez F, Sibon D, Cheminant M, Avettand-Fenoel V, Bruneau J, Georges M, Pique C, Asnafi V, Hermine O, Van den Broeke A
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Leukemia
Volume : 35
Pagina's : 764-776

Use of chimerism analysis after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: Belgian guidelines and review of the current literature.

Auteurs : Delie A, Verlinden A, Beel K, Deeren D, Mazure D, Baron F, Breems D, De Becker A, Graux C, Lewalle P, Maertens J, Poire X, Schoemans H, Selleslag D, Van Obbergh F, Kerre T
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Acta Clin Belg
Volume : 76(6)
Pagina's : 500-508

Immuno-comparative screening of adult-derived human liver stem/progenitor cells for immune-inflammatory-associated molecules.

Auteurs : Merimi M, Lagneaux L, Lombard CA, Agha DM, Bron D, Lewalle P, Meuleman N, Najimi M, Sokal EM, Najar M
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Inflamm Res
Volume : 70
Pagina's : 229-239

New Anti-Leukemic Effect of Carvacrol and Thymol Combination through Synergistic Induction of Different Cell Death Pathways.

Auteurs : Bouhtit F, Najar M, Moussa Agha D, Melki R, Najimi M, Sadki K, Boukhatem N, Bron D, Meuleman N, Hamal A, Lagneaux L, Lewalle P, Merimi M
Jaar : 2021
Journal : Molecules
Volume : 26