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Contractual support for promotion and investigation (Clinical Trials Center - CTC)

Investigation means contract support to clinical studies sponsorship and participating sites activities.

CTC is a support service, taking into account aspects of commercial and academic clinical research, with the mission of providing professional assistance to clinical research by centralizing and harmonizing the administrative, operational (eg: data management, monitoring), contractual and financial management of clinical studies

The CTC Financial and Legal is a centralised unit for the management of research. Its principal missions are:

  • budgetary evaluation and financial monitoring of research projects conducted at the Institut Bordet and the two other hospitals that make up the H.U.B
  • legal and contractual management of research projects
  • coordination of human and operational resources for research projects

Ons team

Administratief directeur voor het wetenschappelijk onderzoek
- Marielle Sautois

Juridische consultant senior
- Helena De Stobbeleir

Team finances & budgets
- John Soo

Update :  31/01/2024