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Bekales Prize 2021

Basile Stamatopoulos, researcher at the  Jules Bordet Institute, receives the Bekales Prize.

Movember 2021

The Jules Bordet Institute supports the international Movember campaign that every year alerts public opinion to male cancers

Nutrition Day 2021

The Jules Bordet Institute, reference centre in the fight against cancer, is supporting Nutrition Day 2021.

Best Wishes 2022 !

The new Jules Bordet Institute presents its best wishes for 2022!

Objective 20 KM

25 patients at the Jules Bordet Institute accompanied by care staff will be taking competing in the Brussels 20 km. 

4 February = World Cancer Day

DECRESCENDO, a new large clinical trial to test a less intensive chemotherapy treatment for patients with HER2+ breast cancer

The RESTART programme

The RESTART programme: personalised follow-up for persons with breast cancer in remission.