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 Articles scientifiques

Knowledge, Practice, and Attitudes of Physicians in Low- and Middle-Income Countries on Fertility and Pregnancy-Related Issues in Young Women With Breast Cancer.

Auteurs : Khan SZ, Arecco L, Villarreal-Garza C, Sirohi B, Ponde NF, Habeeb B, Brandão M, Azim HA Jr, Chowdhury AR, Bozovic-Spasojevic I, Kovalenko I, Odhiambo A, Seid FU, Mutombo AB, Petracci F, Vidra R, Altuna SC, Petrova M, Kourie HR, Ozturk MA, Razeti MG, Lengyel CG, Talibova N, Mariamidze E, Sacardo KP, Duma N, Gyawali B, Trapani D, Tagliamento M, Lambertini M
Année : 2022
Journal : JCO Glob Oncol
Volume : 8
Pages : e2100153

Hyponatremia in Cancer Patients Hospitalized in a Palliative Care Department: A Cross-Sectional Analysis.

Auteurs : Ferraz Gonçalves J, Brandão M, Arede A, Prucha B, Grilo I, Freitas S, Costa I, Martins O, Araújo V
Année : 2022
Journal : Acta Med Port
Volume : 35
Pages : 105-110

Changes in anticancer treatment plans in patients with solid cancer hospitalized with COVID-19: analysis of the nationwide BSMO-COVID registry providing lessons for the future.

Auteurs : Geukens T, Brandão M, Laenen A, Collignon J, Van Marcke C, Louviaux I, Demey W, Van Wambeke S, Schrijvers D, Lecomte S, Mebis J, Rutten A, Fontaine C, Lybaert W, Aspeslagh S, Goeminne JC, Van den Bulck H, Seront E, De Backer L, De Roock W, Ignatiadis M, Prenen H, Van Beckhoven D, Heijlen M, Verheezen J, Rottey S, Punie K, de Azambuja E
Année : 2022
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 7
Pages : 100610

Exercise in lung Cancer, the healthcare providers opinion (E.C.H.O.): Results of the EORTC lung cancer Group (LCG) survey.

Auteurs : Pilotto S, Avancini A, Menis J, Sperduti I, Giaj Levra M, Berghmans T, Bironzo P, Brandão M, De Ruysscher D, Edwards J, Faivre-Finn C, Girard N, Greillier L, Hendriks L, Lantuejoul S, Mauer M, Novello S, OBrien M, Reck M, Reguart N, Remon J, von der Thüsen J, Dingemans AC, Besse B, Milella M
Année : 2022
Journal : Lung Cancer
Volume : 169
Pages : 94-101

Immune response to anti-SARS-CoV-2 prime-vaccination in patients with cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Auteurs : Martins-Branco D, Nader-Marta G, Tecic Vuger A, Debien V, Ameye L, Brandão M, Punie K, Loizidou A, Willard-Gallo K, Spilleboudt C, Awada A, Piccart M, de Azambuja E
Année : 2022
Journal : J Cancer Res Clin Oncol
Pages : 1-6

Co-morbidités et prise en charge des cancers bronchiques

Auteurs : Berghmans T, Brandão M
Année : 2021
Journal : Revue des Maladies Respiratoires Actualités
Volume : 13(2S1)
Pages : 2S292-2S299

Les difficultés de la classification TNM en pratique: The difficulties of TNM classification in practice

Auteurs : Grigoriu B, Brandão M, Giroux-Leprieur E, Revel MP, Berghmans T
Année : 2021
Journal : Rev Mal Respir Actualité
Volume : 13(2)sup1
Pages : 2S46-2S54

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer, Overall and by Tumor Subtype, among Women from Mozambique, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Auteurs : Brandão M, Guisseve A, Damasceno A, Bata G, Silva-Matos C, Alberto M, Ferro J, Garcia C, Zaqueu C, Lorenzoni C, Leitão D, Soares O, Gudo-Morais A, Schmitt F, Morais S, Tulsidás S, Carrilho C, Lunet N
Année : 2021
Journal : Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
Volume : 30
Pages : 1250-1259

Current and future research efforts in oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer-a systematic review.

Auteurs : Brandão M, Durieux V, Berghmans T
Année : 2021
Journal : Transl Lung Cancer Res
Volume : 10
Pages : 3473-3485

Genomic and Transcriptomic Analyses of Breast Cancer Primaries and Matched Metastases in AURORA, the Breast International Group (BIG) Molecular Screening Initiative.

Auteurs : Aftimos P, Oliveira M, Irrthum A, Fumagalli D, Sotiriou C, Gal-Yam EN, Robson ME, Ndozeng J, Di Leo A, Ciruelos EM, de Azambuja E, Viale G, Scheepers ED, Curigliano G, Bliss JM, Reis-Filho JS, Colleoni M, Balic M, Cardoso F, Albanell J, Duhem C, Marreaud S, Romagnoli D, Rojas B, Gombos A, Wildiers H, Guerrero-Zotano A, Hall P, Bonetti A, Larsson KF, Degiorgis M, Khodaverdi S, Greil R, Sverrisdóttir Á, Paoli M, Seyll E, Loibl S, Linderholm B, Zoppoli G, Davidson NE, Johannsson OT, Bedard PL, Loi S, Knox S, Cameron DA, Harbeck N, Montoya ML, Brandão M, Vingiani A, Caballero C, Hilbers FS, Yates LR, Benelli M, Venet D, Piccart MJ
Année : 2021
Journal : Cancer Discov
Volume : 11
Pages : 2796-2811

VISTA: A Promising Target for Cancer Immunotherapy?

Auteurs : Tagliamento M, Agostinetto E, Borea R, Brandão M, Poggio F, Addeo A, Lambertini M
Année : 2021
Journal : Immunotargets Ther
Volume : 10
Pages : 185-200

Comparing the cost of non-metastatic breast cancer care in a low-income vs a high-income country: A plea for an optimal allocation of health resources in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Auteurs : Brandão M, Morais S, Guisseve A, Bata G, Borges M, Tulsidás S, Pereira S, Carrilho C, Lunet N
Année : 2021
Journal : Breast
Volume : 57
Pages : 1-4

Impact of HIV infection on baseline characteristics and survival of women with breast cancer.

Auteurs : Brandão M, Bruzzone M, Franzoi MA, de Angelis C, Eiger D, Caparica R, Piccart-Gebhart M, Buisseret L, Ceppi M, Dauby N, Carrilho C, Lunet N, de Azambuja E, Lambertini M
Année : 2021
Journal : AIDS
Volume : 35
Pages : 605-618

Survival Impact and Cost-Effectiveness of a Multidisciplinary Tumor Board for Breast Cancer in Mozambique, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Auteurs : Brandão M, Guisseve A, Bata G, Firmino-Machado J, Alberto M, Ferro J, Garcia C, Zaqueu C, Jamisse A, Lorenzoni C, Piccart-Gebhart M, Leitão D, Come J, Soares O, Gudo-Morais A, Schmitt F, Tulsidás S, Carrilho C, Lunet N
Année : 2021
Journal : Oncologist
Volume : 26
Pages : e996-e1008

Clinical Implications of Body Mass Index in Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients Treated With Abemaciclib and Endocrine Therapy.

Auteurs : Franzoi MA, Eiger D, Ameye L, Ponde N, Caparica R, de Angelis C, Brandão M, Desmedt C, Di Cosimo S, Kotecki N, Lambertini M, Awada A, Piccart-Gebhart M, Azambuja E
Année : 2021
Journal : J Natl Cancer Inst
Volume : 113
Pages : 462-470

Implications of venous thromboembolism GWAS reported genetic makeup in the clinical outcome of ovarian cancer patients.

Auteurs : Tavares V, Pinto R, Assis J, Coelho S, Brandão M, Alves S, Pereira D, Medeiros R
Année : 2021
Journal : Pharmacogenomics J
Volume : 21
Pages : 222-232

Quality of life trajectories in breast cancer patients: an updated analysis 5 years after diagnosis.

Auteurs : Lopes-Conceição L, Brandão M, Araújo N, Severo M, Dias T, Peleteiro B, Fontes F, Pereira S, Lunet N
Année : 2021
Journal : J Public Health (Oxf)
Volume : 43
Pages : e133-e134

159P The clinical landscape of central nervous system (CNS) involvement in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients (pts)

Auteurs : Eiger D, de Azambuja E, Moreau M, Bondele J, Sotiriou C, Franzoi MA, Brandão M, Rediti M, Wang X, Awada A, Kotecki N
Année : 2020
Journal : Ann Oncol
Volume : 31(2)
Pages : S73-S74

Healthcare use and costs in early breast cancer: a patient-level data analysis according to stage and breast cancer subtype.

Auteurs : Brandão M, Morais S, Lopes-Conceição L, Fontes F, Araújo N, Dias T, Pereira D, Borges M, Pereira S, Lunet N
Année : 2020
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 5

Impact of solid cancer on in-hospital mortality overall and among different subgroups of patients with COVID-19: a nationwide, population-based analysis.

Auteurs : de Azambuja E, Brandão M, Wildiers H, Laenen A, Aspeslagh S, Fontaine C, Collignon J, Lybaert W, Verheezen J, Rutten A, Vuylsteke P, Goeminne JC, Demey W, Van Beckhoven D, Deblonde J, Rottey S, Geukens T, Punie K
Année : 2020
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 5